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I.T. Computer Solutions was founded in 2001 with the following core business philosophy - "It is critically important for us to satisfy our customers and build relationships. We work hard and are always willing to go the extra mile. We will not make promises we can't keep and strive to earn trust and exceed expectations. Giving back to the community is extremely important to us. It's not just something we believe in, it's something we do". As your Trusted Advisor and Virtual CIO, I.T. Computer Solutions will be your team of trained, certified professionals who take a preventative approach to your technology infrastructure.

Our Mission

I.T. Computer Solutions will achieve our success through the success of our clients. We will be recognized throughout the Tampa Bay Area as the premier computer services organization. We will earn trust everyday from our clients as they understand the value of the world class service we provide and consider I.T. Computer Solutions “their” IT department. To earn this trust, we will treat all of our clients as we would treat our friends as we provide practical and reliable solutions to their IT needs.

Our Team

Jeff Sheffer is the owner and founder of IT Computer Solutions. Jeff started building networks more than 20 years ago. Creating effective solutions to meet client's needs has always been a passion.

Devin Brown leads our technical team. He has been involved in networking and maintaining systems for nearly 10 years. Devin's focus has always been on helping customers achieve their desired goals and supporting their IT infrastructure.

Scott Young is managing our sales and marketing efforts. For the last 25 years, Scott has helped business owners streamline their operations to become more profitable and efficient. Scott has lived in the Tampa Bay Area since 1974.

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